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DIY Apparel Damages

Product image 1DIY Apparel Damages
Product image 2DIY Apparel Damages
Product image 3DIY Apparel Damages

Regular price $79.00

We can’t fix it all. BUT you can ????? 

If you can sew, do laundry, or have mastered the art of elbow grease, this might be the box for you.

These items will need to be modified to be sellable. Some need more work than others. 
Mix of anything from any apparel category. And y’all know there will be a gem or two 😉

Rips, Stains, marks, dents, missing parts, puckering, NOTHING Is off the table.

no credits, no refunds, no exchanges, and NO COMPLAINING. 

Shipping Time 5-10 business days.

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