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Regular price $650.00

  • Huge pallets 8+ ft TALL!
  • Clean customer returns - Nothing visibly crushed or damaged
  • General merchandise in larger boxes (bulkier items)
  • You will find general merchandise items such as sporting goods, fitness equipment, furniture, computers, electronics, home décor, accessories, housewares, appliances, large toys, home decor, grills & outdoor items, tools, and anything bulkier in size that can be stacked.
  • Very incredible pallets
  • We have found items that retail for more than $1,000! 
  • 24 pallets per truckload



We only offer shipping services for orders of 5 pallets or more. You are welcome to order less than 5 pallets as long as you come pick them up yourself or send your own carrier to pick them up.

Please note that you will need to schedule an appointment to pick up your order once the order is paid for. Please email with your order number to schedule your pick up. 

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