AMZ MYSTERY Pallet: High-Count Shelf Pulls Unmanifested

  • 62500

  • Unmanifested Merchandise from the largest online retailer in the world
  • Over 500 items per gaylord / pallet
  • Retail value per item averages $4.99 to $29.99 or more!
  • In some cases, you may find 1 item that will pay for the whole gaylord!
  • Mostly shelf pulls/warehouse damage merchandise
  • Mostly all retail-ready items
  • Items consist of Housewares, Gadgets, Home Decor, Electronics, Watches, Accessories, HBA, Jewelry, Vitamins, etc… you can find just about anything in these gaylords. UNBELIEVABLE… 
  • Pictures here are for illustration purposes showing items found in these gaylords. There is no guarantee you will get any specific items in your gaylords, but you will get a lot of interesting items, for sure...
  • Once you buy one, you will want to buy them over and over... 
    YOUR COST: $1.25 per item
    1 pallets = 500 items or more
    500 items retailing for average of $5 each = $2,500



    We only offer shipping services for orders of 5 AMZ MYSTERY pallets or more. You are welcome to order less than 5 pallets as long as you come pick them up yourself or send your own carrier to pick them up.

    Please note that you will need to schedule an appointment to pick up your order once the order is paid for. Please email with your order number to schedule your pick up.