How to Make Money On eBay With Amazon Return

How to Make Money on eBay with Amazon returns

How to Make Money On eBay With Amazon Return

In this fast-paced world making quick money with very little or no investment seems like the thing to do!

With eBay, you can sit at home and make this dream come true. With a bit of strategic planning, a set of good pictures of your product and a decent internet connection you can easily make up to $500+ a month on eBay.

Here’s is a step by step breakdown of how you can make good money selling goods returned to Amazon.

How to buy goods from Amazon Returns

With online retailing giants expanding by leaps and bounds, online shopping has hit an all-time high. Giving us the ease of shopping in our pajamas, with the mere click of a button, online shopping is the “in” thing.

buy goods from Amazon Returns

Coupled with 30-day returns and free return shipment policies, even returning an item bought online has become hassle-free and convenient.

Right from clothes, groceries, upholsteries to phones and phone cases are being returned regularly to Amazon.

The reason for return varies according to the whims and fancies of the customer – from incorrect size to unpleasant color of the item ordered.

At times, the customer orders five to six pair of shoes or tops to try them and to send back four of them, in which case the return rate is almost 70%. It is estimated that almost one-third of the items bought online are being returned daily.

It is to be noted that once the seal is broken by the customer the item is no longer treated as good as new. In very rare cases does Amazon re-packs such goods and sells it again as new.

But in almost 80% of the cases, the goods are graded by the warehouse executives specifically dedicated to this task and are sold as a part of the “Amazon Warehouse Deal” sale.

If you want to grab a decent looking product for a decent price and make a profit out of selling it then, buying goods from Amazon Warehouse Deal is the best thing that you can do.

Tips to buy goods from Amazon Returns

There are a few tricks and tips to get the maximum of this whole thing of buying things from Amazon returns and making money off it from eBay.

Once you have decided the item or the goods that you need to buy, keeping tabs on the price of the warehouse deal is the key.

For example, at Quicklotz their is a multitude of options from small cases of Amazon Returns to full truckloads- obviously the truckloads provide the best profits due to buying in bulk. However if you are just starting out the "Amazon Mystery Boxes" are a low cost way to test the waters.

Quicklotz has a policy of grading items as per their quality.The most common grades are “Like New”, “Used - Very Good”, “Used-Good” and “Used – Acceptable”.

Picking on the goods which fall under the first two categories is sure to fetch you a good few extra dollars when you sell them again. 

Steps and tips to sell on eBay

Once you have got your item to be sold on eBay, the first thing that you should be doing is to list the item on eBay.

A listing with detailed information and attractive pictures is the most vital thing in deciding on the money and the profit you will make.

Tips To Sell On ebay

It is recommended that you take as many as 12 pictures of your item – pictures depicting all the features of your item to be sold, in all angles, if possible.

A brief description of every single feature of the item is much needed for the buyer to narrow down on your product. It is also very important to use appropriate keywords to attract potential buyers.

In this case, showing off your product is good – if you are lucky you might end up getting more bucks in your wallet than expected.

Before you price your product, it is essential that you do a background research to find the actual worth of the item that you are planning to sell.

Competitive pricing of the item plays a very crucial part as the customer has a very broad choice. Reasonable price is a win-win for both you and the customer. The day you publish your listing also plays a prime role in fetching you a good return.

Making an optimal use of the 10-day listing duration is advised as a 10-day listing starting on a Thursday will make your offer grab the attention of the prospective buyers for two whole weekends, weekends being the high traffic days on eBay.

Alternatively, if you have fixed the price of your goods then it is advised you to opt for a 30-day listing.  The longer the listing and the more competitive the price is, the higher are the chances of you running into a profitable deal.

When a buyer who is interested contacts you, make sure you answer all their doubts and queries regarding the product. If you are already offering your product at the best price and cannot go down on the price, offer them a perk like free shipping or shipping with a reputed courier at a competitive rate.

Keeping our buyers is as important as making a profit. This is particularly important as eBay offers a rating option to rate the purchase. A happy customer means a good seller rating to you, which is an additional brownie point for your next sale.

Once the payment confirmation is received, it is advised to ship the item within 3 working days and make sure that the item gets delivered to the buyer within 7 days.

The buyer has to confirm the receipt of the item sold, within 5 days of delivery, after which eBay transfers money to your registered bank account.

If you are someone who has free time at their disposal and who is excited about making few extra bucks, then eBay could be the website which has the answers.

With a little time, patience and background research, it’s a sure thing that eBay is a place where you can get good returns.

Happy eBaying :)


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