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Regular price $250.00 Sale price $1,000.00

  • Unmanifested General Merchandise (GM) from the largest retailer in the world 
  • 100 items in the box
  • Retail value per item averages $5 to $30 or more!
  • Your cost is $2.50 per item delivered to you!
  • In some cases, you may find 1 item that will pay for the whole box
  • Mostly shelf pulls/warehouse damage merchandise
  • Mostly all retail-ready items
  • Items consist of Housewares, Gadgets, Home Decor, Electronics, Watches, Accessories, HBA, Jewelry, Vitamins, etc… you can find just about anything in these boxes. UNBELIEVABLE… (anything that is small to fit in these boxes along with other 99 items...)
  • Pictures here are for illustration purposes showing items found in these boxes. There is no guarantee you will get any specific items in your boxes, but you will get a lot of interesting items, for sure...
  • Once you buy one, you will want to buy them over and over... 




From branded clothes to branded gadgets, you can now finally gift those pair of headphones to your kid as a Christmas present.

 Are your savings dwindling this holiday season? Want to be extra thrifty this Christmas? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our mystery boxes contain plethora of items perfect to surprise you and your family this Christmas. So, be your own secret Santa and order our mystery boxes at an unbelievable prices today.

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