Top 4 Reasons You Need to Buy Department Store Returns

Looking to obtain like-new products for liquidation prices? Want to expand your inventory without feeling a pinch in your wallet? If you are looking to get quality merchandise and apparel for the lowest prices then buying department store returns is the thing to do. 

Why Buy Department Store Returns 

Department store returns are easily the best way to get in season merchandise for a remarkably lower price. This way, you get access to an inventory of products priced way lower than the original market price, as all the department stores want to do is to get their old stock cleared to make way for the continuous newer supply. By “old stock” what we refer to here is merchandise that is about 4 to 5 months old, which the stores need to get rid of, for them to replenish their stock with the current trends. 

Also, if you are a brand conscious person, department store returns to give you a very good chance to develop an inventory of a whole lot of brands in a single purchase. Given the fact that established and popular brands are priced very heavy in retail markets, these products are often slow moving. This gives you a good chance to purchase the high-end brands at a reasonable rate.

Below are the top 4 reasons to buy department store returns: 

  1. Wide Range of Goods 

Since buying department store returns is all about getting surplus merchandise and mostly store closeout stock, the inventory is huge.  For one, you can choose either truckloads or pallets of merchandise based on your requirements.

While pallets refer to small shipments, usually in a box or two, a truckload – as the name suggests is a truck full of merchandise.

It is generally suggested that buying department store returns in truckloads are beneficial as you can get the products for a good margin and it’s a bigger bargain when you purchase in such large quantities.

The damage ratio also gets lower when things are bought in bulk. Also, if you are looking at liquidating this department store returns to earn your fair share of profit from it by reselling it on eBay and the like, then buying department store returns in truckload is THE thing. 

  1. It rains brands! 

Department store returns are mostly consisting of store closeouts and moving away from the season’s surplus. As said earlier, if you are a brand fanatic but you cannot afford to spend a fortune each time you decide to buy something, then it’s best that you wait out for department store returns to grab the best of brands at an extremely reduced rate.

The department store returns program promises branded goods at cheaper rates, and when you order stuff in a pallet, the chances of you laying hands on the brand that you have been eyeing all along might be reduced to half.

It is always advisable that you strategize, maybe involve a couple of brand crazy friends as well, and purchase goods in truckloads so that you have a bigger chance to get whatever brand you were eyeing all along. 

  1. Continuous Supply of Goods

The best thing about department store returns is that the supply of goods is available throughout the year. The sale is not seasonal, every now and then when the new stock arrives in; the old one must make its way out to the closeout sales.

This way, you can even plan and develop a little business of your own, by purchasing the surplus merchandise and reselling it for a handsome profit.

Goods that are sold under the department store returns category are the ones that were unsellable in the retail market. In such cases, these goods are priced at a very low rate with minimal or rather no margin by the retailers.

All that they want to do is to make room for the new collections, and not to incur any loses due to the so-called old ones, which didn’t sell earlier. All of these factors give us an edge or even a feeling of shopping on a Black Friday sale on almost a weekly basis.

  1. Uncompromised Quality

Since these department store returns are merchandise from companies and warehouses with a well-established and a dependable brand name, the quality is taken care of. Unlike flea markets or any other returns purchases, department store returns have high trust value attached to their quality.

All the organizations have a very strict policy about what kind of supply they send out for returns and hence, you can rest assured that the quality is uncompromised. These giant retailers have a reputation to keep up, so the worry about quality is lifted off your shoulders.

With the above-listed advantages and reasons to buy department store returns, there are a few tricks too. Though the department store returns boast high quality and uncompromised products, there are chances that a few of the products might be damaged, though not to a great extent, but to a very tiny teeny level. 

Here is a quick tip about the damage in department store returns - the damage ratios of the products are comparatively less if you get stock in truckloads rather than getting it in pallets. 

This tip is particularly of great if you are someone who purchases a lot of electronic goods this way. Unlike clothes, books, furniture and other non-electronic items, electronic items are very much performance oriented and even a single issue with respect to performance will burn a hole in your pocket, especially if you are looking at making money by reselling the goods you purchase from department store returns.

Remember, a loose-legged piece of furniture is not the same as a camera with a broken lens!

In some cases, you might have to just come to terms with the fact that some of the merchandise might be unusable or rather unsellable. Especially in cases where you purchase in pallets – there are chances that a damaged piece might get into your pallet by sheer bad luck.

There are risks of having damaged merchandise in truckloads too, but as said earlier the damage ratio is way less and you can compensate the loss incurred by selectively adjusting the prices of other products you wish to resell.

So why wait? Buck up and plunge into the world of merchandise liquidation – the low-risk way of making some easy profits!


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