Baby Merchandise

Quicklotz offers you the widest range of toys and baby products. We are one of America’s largest liquidation specialists and have decades of experience in the wholesale industry.

At Quicklotz, we establish exclusive contracts with major retail chains and e-commerce websites to bring our clients the widest possible range of name brand toys and baby products. Since we work directly with these chains and department stores, we manage to secure huge discounts on products for our customers.

Goods offered under this category include baby carriers, walkers, strollers, baby cribs and more. For households with a baby, we also offer huge discounts on high chairs and baby car seats at our local stores and via our auction platform.

Under this category, you’ll find pretty much everything that's listed in the “baby products” section of major department stores and retail chains. These goods are of impeccable quality, and therefore, they are highly recommended for exporters. Moreover, most of the goods that you'll find in this section also come with their original packaging.

Whether you're an independent retailer, flea marketer, online seller, or an auctioneer: look no further than Quicklotz.

In addition to our wide catalog of merchandise, we also offer dedicated customer support which will walk you through every step of the buying process. Depending on your needs, you can decide to purchase wholesale pallets of toys or even create your own customized lot of baby products.

Our toy and baby products loads are available for unbelievably low prices. Since demand tends to be high, we recommend that you immediately contact us to ensure a spot in our highly sought after supply chain.