Amazon Truckloads

We are one of America’s largest product liquidation specialists and our unmatched range of inventory meets the needs of clients worldwide.

At Quicklotz, we work directly with e-commerce websites such as Amazon to help liquidate their excess stock. Since we purchase clean customer returns as well as excessive inventory in bulk, we are able to pass on these huge discounts to our customers. Our Amazon liquidation truckloads come at some unbelievably low prices!

Also, the Amazon customer return truckloads mostly contain products that are misdeliveries, shelf-pulls, and clean returns. As a result, you can be assured that these products are absolutely top notch quality.

In our Amazon bulk loads, you'll find products listed on Amazon under several categories including auto, electronics, appliances, gadgets, luggage, home decor, small furniture, bedding, and many more.

This category is called typically called “bulk loads” due to many of the goods being larger in size. Our buyers who are online retailers prefer to purchase smaller-sized products that also have lower shipping costs. Therefore, we offer multiple Amazon loads with some being processed to remove larger items, hence saving on shipping costs.

In the past, our Amazon truckload customers have found products such as:

3D printers, drones, LED lights, foldable bikes, networking equipment, and several top-dollar electronic gadgets.

Whether you're an independent retailer, flea marketer, online seller, or an auctioneer: look no further than Quicklotz.

In addition to our wide catalog of merchandise, we also offer dedicated customer support which will walk you through every step of the buying process.

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