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You might have often wondered: what exactly happens to products once you return them to retailers like Target, Walmart, and many others? People mistakenly assume that these products end up back on the shelves which isn’t true.

One of the biggest blessings of the large retail industry is the possibility of returns. If a customer is not satisfied with a product or decides that they don't need it anymore, returning it back to the store is a piece of cake.

Such liberal return policies are offered by several large retailers like Target, Walmart, and many others. In fact, several products on Target, for example, come with a 15/30-day replacement or return guarantee.

It is estimated that around 10% of the products sold by retailers end up back as returns. While some of these could well be defective products, a majority of them are returned for personal reasons.

  • All the products returned for personal or other reasons don’t always go back on the shelf. Moreover, items that don’t get sold in clearance sales also end up with companies like Quicklotz.
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Why do people return products?

Many of these returned goods tend to be gifts. Often, people give wedding, bridal shower, or birthday gifts with receipts so that the recipient can return them for cash if they don't like them. Similarly, last-minute issues such as relationship break-ups, late deliveries, change of plans etc. can cause customers to return their purchases.

The important thing here, therefore, is that returned goods doesn't always mean defective goods. Majority of these returned items are in perfect condition and sometimes even sport their original packaging and tags.

At first glance, it seems like an awful waste, doesn't it? Considering that almost USD 250 billion worth of goods are returned every year, you might just be wondering: what do companies like Target do with these goods?

What happens to returned goods?

There are several ways of dealing with returned goods. Defective goods are, of course, either returned to the manufacturers or discarded. Perishable items that cannot be stored for too long are often donated to charities by the large retailers.

However, goods that are in perfect condition, do not go back on the shelf as people commonly assume. Also, these goods cannot be kept in storage for long by large retailers due to space constraints and the cost associated with that.

Therefore, a majority of the goods that are in perfect condition are sent to specialized companies called wholesale liquidators.

A wholesale liquidator is a company that purchases returned goods in bulk from large retailers. These are specialized companies that offer to “liquidate” goods which basically means that they allow retailers to free up the money thats stuck with these items.

Now, if the item you returned is damaged or defective, it’ll either be discarded or sent back to the manufacturer. However, a lot of times people return items for personal reasons (didn’t like the color, don’t need it anymore etc.)

Such items cannot be put back on the shelves even if they’re in brand-new condition. Therefore, these are sold to specialized companies called wholesale liquidators who purchase them at a high discount and later sell them by the pallet or truckload.

The most amazing part is that these items are brand-new with their original packaging and tags. And yet, because they’re returned goods, you can purchase them for a HUGE discount from wholesale liquidation companies.

Why should I purchase Target returns by truckloads?

Wholesale liquidation companies like Quicklotz present the perfect opportunity for you to start selling these returned goods from Target online after purchasing them from liquidation companies. It not only allows you to run a business from the convenience of your home but also stands to make you huge profits.

You might wonder, “How big can my profits be?” Well, to give you an example, a pallet of returned goods worth $4000 at their market price can be found on wholesale liquidation sites for as little as $2000. Yep you heard it right: you stand to get high-quality goods with their original packaging and tags for about half the original price.

Now, wholesale liquidation companies sell goods either by the “pallet” or by the “truckload”. The golden rule of thumb in sales is that higher the quantity, cheaper the price. Therefore, purchasing goods in bulk always helps you get the best possible price.

Therefore, we always recommend purchasing overstock and return items from wholesale liquidation companies by the truckload. It not only helps you save money but also gives you a massive amount of variety as far as the goods are concerned.

Purchasing wholesale truckloads is a straightforward process. Most of the major liquidation companies like Quicklotz have their catalogs on their websites and also allow you to make purchases online. Moreover, these companies provide  customer support at every step of the buying process so you’ve always got someone on standby to answer all your queries.

Start earning now by selling Target returns

Its that simple a process and one that has the potential to make tons of money. By selling Target returns from wholesale liquidation companies, you can easily set up your own business from the comfort of your house. Moreover, you’ll always have an edge over your competitors thanks to the mighty discounts that you enjoy on purchasing Target returns from wholesale liquidation companies.

Therefore, go ahead and order your first truckload of Target returns from a site like Quicklotz. The experience is so smooth and hassle-free that you’ll feel like you’re merely shopping online. Do share this article with your close friends so that they too can know where to buy truckloads of heavily-discounted Target returns easily.