Is it a Good Idea to Buy Liquidation Pallets for Resale?

Is it a Good Idea to Buy Liquidation Pallets for Resale?

Is it a Good Idea to Buy Liquidation Pallets for Resale?

 So let me ask you a question first. How important is it to income money? A very foolish question, right? I know that in today's world, money is everything. And most of us like to income money as easily as possible.

And when the thing is about the easy income of money, then the business is one of the methods. It is true that one needs to invest first and may have to face some losses at the start, but when one establishes himself as a businessman, there will be a lot of profits afterward.

And business is not limited to buying new and fresh goods physically and then selling them. If we go deeper into business stuff, we will find that buying old and overstocked goods and then selling them is also a kind of business. These goods which are either returned ones or overstocked ones are called liquidation pallets.

In simple words, in liquidation business, a wholesaler buys the overstocked goods online and then separates the best ones and the average ones. Then he sells the best ones online on eBay or Amazon and the average goods are sold to small businessmen at a higher price.

Buying and selling liquidation pallets can be a lucrative way of buying quality goods at a lower price and offering the customer s the goods they need at an affordable price thus increasing the business!

But the question that pops up next is that is buying these liquidated goods a good idea? When one can buy the same item as a new and fresh one, why should he opt for the returned one?

Well, the answer is both yes and no. Why? Because you know that each situation ahs both affirmative and negative sides and this one also has. So let us look at those.

Advantages of buying liquidation pallets for resale

Liquidation pallets are a bulk of items which are mostly in good and new condition. These liquidated pallets can be branded or non-branded ones.


When you look at sites like which sell liquidated goods, you will find a lot of simple and common items as well as a bulk of branded items as well and at a comparatively lower price. Here are the advantages of buying liquidation pallets for resale –

  • The liquidation goods are mostly in good condition. There is no full surety that the items you buy fresh and new online will be in good condition. Imagine a situation. You have plans to buy an iPhone. So you look for the various choices available online. You finally find your choice of phone and order it. Now there is such a guarantee that you will get the same phone. You may have seen the cases that people get either damaged phones or some different models or even soap bars! But the liquidated sites sell the items after a complete check. So you can have much more surety of getting your product!
  • Liquidated items often consist of branded items. When you look for some branded items in new condition online, you will see a very high price which will finally force you to cancel your decision. But when you buy the same item from a liquidation site, you will surely get it at a comparatively lower price. For example, if you check an iPhone XR on Amazon, it will cost around Rs. 80,000 (just a guess!). But if you check the same model in liquidated sites like Bulq, you will find it at a comparatively lower price. So now you can afford branded items under your budget!

  • Liquidated goods often have a lot of discounts on them. And they charge lower shipping costs too. When it comes to established sites like Amazon or Flipkart, you will see that the shipping charges are high, sometimes more than the item itself! And it is really annoying when you get an item at the same price or higher price (includes the shipping cost) as your nearby store offers you! But when it comes to sites like Bulq or eBay which sell liquidated goods, you will find big discounts on items and low shipping cost too! That's awesome!

Disadvantages of buying liquidation pallets for resale

When something has some merits, it comes with some demerits as well. So when you are getting so many advantages from liquidated goods, you will have to face the cons they bring as well. Here are these –

  • It may not happen always that the goods you get from liquidated sites will be in good and new condition. They may be in good condition but may not be new. It may happen that you will get reused products at a high price. In many cases, the products delivered are either damaged or broken. So you may not get the thing you paid for. Most of these cases are related to sites like eBay. 
  • In many cases, it is seen that customers do not get what they pay for. For example – you ordered an iPhone from eBay. But it may happen that you will get something else in the package. Most of the time these may contain some basic phones or trash. The packaging is very good and tight. And these mostly are duplicate ones. It may happen that you might have received some other package, but it may not be the case always! So better be careful!
  • It is often found that many branded items have a bit higher price than required. Liquidated goods are either used and returned ones or old overstocked ones. And people will never be willing to pay too much for the used items. So it may happen that you will be charged more than required. But it is a rare case.
  • Most often non-branded items are displayed as branded ones and are sold. Customers get fascinated by the low price of the branded items and after buying, they come to know about the truth. And another fact is that one may order the branded product but will receive the common non-branded one. So there is no surety!
  • The customer care service is not much of any help in these sites. When you get a wrong item delivered and want to get it exchanged or want a refund, you will try to contact the customer care first. But let me tell you that there are high chances that you will not get
  • any reply or response. Hence, in the end, it is your loss.

 So buying liquidation pallets for resale has its own merits and demerits. It is true that the demerits are more, but who knows you may be the chosen one! So it is better to research the sites and the products before buying to ensure zero loss.


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